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Free SEO Review

At SEO Surrey it is really important that we measure the area you operate in, so we can ensure we deliver not just results but the results you need. This is why we offer a completely free of charge, no obligation review. A great chance for a potential client to see exactly how we work!
Your Free SEO Review will include
  • Competitors Date
  • On site page review
  • Keyword Research

Review Competitor Data

It is essential we get an understanding of the expected cost and time frame to accomplish your goal. To deliver this we need to understand the competitiveness of your keywords. SEO Surrey will evaluate your keywords and the competition ranking extensively.

To achieve results with SEO a mix of varied and diverse strategies are needed for each campaign. The primary information we measure and gauge on your competition include their website, their alexa rank, their link profile and domain authority.

In this day and age we all know how important it is for your website to be on the top of Google and so do your competitors. We can almost guarantee that your competitors even if they are on the first few pages of Google will be actively performing some form of SEO.

On site Page Review

Websites that have a slow loading speed and perform poorly make it far more difficult to rank well. The coding of your website is imperative for the success of your SEO campaign. If you do have a website with slow loading speeds, even if you rank well for certain keywords, it is likely after a detailed look at your analytics it would show a bounce rate as visitors become impatient waiting for pages to load. This makes it important that we review your homepage and a small number of the most critical keywords so we can get a good picture of yours and your competitors web pages. At SEO Surrey we are always upfront and honest, if we don’t think we can get you the rankings you need within your budget, we will always tell you. We don’t believe in broken promises or unrealistic targets/goals.

Keyword Research

With SEO concentrating on the right keyword is the recipe to success. Pushing your site to the top of the search engines is what we do; there is no doubt we can achieve that. Although if being on the top doesn’t produce a high number of visitors or your site visitors have a very low conversion rate the entire campaign will have been a waste of money and time.

Our competitors who exclusively focus on getting top results, but at SEO Surrey we prefer a more thorough approach. Rather than focusing on more page views, we target keywords and focus on increasing your profit from the bottom line. We ask our customers to provide a small number of “seed” keywords. These are key phrases and words that relate to what your potential customer may type into Google. Seed Keywords help us to create a larger list, with this we can look at the search volume for each keyword and how much force your competitors have.

The Keyword research we carry out is intended to help give you an understanding of the data we work with and to help assess the potential your niche has online. Our customers who currently pay for SEO campaigns have unlimited access to keyword research and advice. Once you have been sent your free SEO review pack you will have detailed insider information on your competition, you will understand the changes needed to capitaliseon results and the best way to move forward.

If for any reason you are not 100% happy with the SEO or PPC work we do, you can stop paying us at any time. We have no tie in contracts with any of our services. It’s our cut above the rest quality of work and proven results that bring out customers back to SEO Surrey each month.

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Your details: Please pop your details in here so we can talk you through the data. we promise we wont pester you, do any sales tactics and certainly wont try to get you to sign up. we prefer to let our work and results be more than enough to convince people they need to use our services, you’ll find were all pretty laid back.

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